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🌳 Travaillant actuellement sur son nouvel album, Framix nous livre un nouveau titre qui revient sur ses influences dub d’antan.

Il est question de deux arbres opposés l'un à l'autre, sur lesquels reposerait l'humanité.

🌳 Currently working on his new album, Framix brings us a new track that looks back on his dub influences of yesteryear.

It is about two trees opposed to each other, on which humanity would stand.

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Deprived of the Rays of the Sun

Father i’ve followed your advice

You gave to me, now that you’re gone,

I talk to you but i'm just alone,

Deprived of the rays of the sun.


For a long time, i followed your way,

Breaking my back at the warehouse,

From sunset to the break of dawn,

Dad, is it what you really want ?

Deprived of the rays of the sun.

I'm exhausted in this staircase

Is it mud under my feet ?

Don't tell me it's going nowhere,

I won't go down, i’d kill myself.


Father where ever you can rest,

If you can, please show me somethin’,

Show me, from heaven to the depths,

I am so eager to begin.



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