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Travaillant actuellement sur son nouvel album, Framix nous livre la reprise d’un traditionnel gospel sous forme d’une ballade folk où il est question de semer de bonnes graines lors de notre passage ici bas.


Sorte de St François d’Assise « redneck », Framix accompagne cette sortie d’un clip tourné dans l’immense coin de verdure où coupé de tout et entouré de ses bêtes, il vit une grande partie du temps.

« Sow by walking, sow by talking,

Sow by everything you do,

Don't mind no one, keep on sowing,

You're gonna reap, just what you sow. »

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Deprived of the Rays of the Sun

Father i’ve followed your advice

You gave to me, now that you’re gone,

I talk to you but i'm just alone,

Deprived of the rays of the sun.


For a long time, i followed your way,

Breaking my back at the warehouse,

From sunset to the break of dawn,

Dad, is it what you really want ?

Deprived of the rays of the sun.

I'm exhausted in this staircase

Is it mud under my feet ?

Don't tell me it's going nowhere,

I won't go down, i’d kill myself.


Father where ever you can rest,

If you can, please show me somethin’,

Show me, from heaven to the depths,

I am so eager to begin.



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